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"I'm Getting Older" Fallacy

This is something at T-Zero that we hear ALL THE TIME. We get on the phone or have people in for their first appointment and they begin telling us their story and why they’re seeking help then, “I guess I’m just getting older” comes out of their mouth.

I would say that at least 95% of our clients say this at some point in the first 2 sessions we work with them. The problem? Although age does affect how you feel, the problem with this statement is it assumes that there’s no hope… It has a view of life as a train that is moving forward and with each injury the speed of the train increases towards the inevitable “pain” of old age.

So people come in to see us and all they’re hoping for is that we help slow the train down as much as possible to delay the constancy of pain that they’re anticipating will come as they age.

Does this sound dramatic? It might, but if you’re really honest with yourself you’ve probably had these thoughts and expectations go through your head. Or you’re trying to do everything in your power to avoid the perils and dangers along the way for fear that you’ll end up like “someone” you know who didn’t take care of themselves and you’re not going to let yourself end up like that.

The thing that is at the center of this is FEAR. Fear that what the future has in store for us is negative and our goal now should be to delay the future as opposed to living fully in the present.

If the assumption that age is the primary thing causing you pain rings true, I want to ask a follow up question- what percentage of your true capacity are you functioning at right now? Do you believe that you’re doing everything perfectly in life and the only thing holding you back is your age?

Again, if you’re honest you probably recognize opportunities for growth. You could eat healthier, train smarter, do strength training, improve your mobility, focus on your mental health, improve your relationships, or work through some of the stress in your life just to name a few options. What you’ll quickly realize is that IF you want to do the work there’s hope not just for your future but also to optimize your present and rediscover what it means to thrive in life. That’s why we exist- we believe that there is hope for people if they are willing to work and we want to guide them through that process.

If that's you, we'd love to help!