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Each of our therapists specializes in working with different types of people to maximize your results as quickly as possible. Find out more below!

Dr. Kevin DeGroot, PT, DPT, CAFS, Ironman Certified Coach

I help triathletes overcome injuries and develop healthy training habits to compete at their highest level without fear of missing time due to injury.



Dr. Kari Chappell, PT, DPT, FDN II

I help busy professionals overcome injuries, aches, and pains quickly so they can take full advantage of their time and activities away from the office without injections, surgery, or frequent trips to a physician.




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Are your knees keeping you from training and racing to your potential? Use this resource to build a plan that will keep you performing at your best!


Are your shoulders keeping you from training and racing to your potential? Use this resource to build a plan that will keep you performing at your best!


Frustrated with your low back? Use this resource to learn 5 of the most important things to know about your low back.


Frustrated with your neck? Use this resource to learn 5 of the most important things to know about your low back.


Not seeing what you're looking for? Take a look at the full list of resources that we have available to help you get healthy and reach your goals!

"I started a pretty active workout schedule about 6 months ago. A few months in, I started having shoulder and lower back pain. I wanted to keep working out, so I consulted with Dr. Kevin. He has been great. He came up with a plan, we discussed goals (including being able to continue my program while rehabbing) and I feel great now. I was able to stop the pain and actually increase to working out 6 days a week now. I highly recommend his practice. He got to the root of my problems. He didn't just treat the area that hurt. I feel really confident I know how to stay on top of my pain issues now. Thank you!!"


"This is my second go around at physical therapy after tearing my labrum again and needing shoulder surgery a second time. Working with T-Zero Physio has been a game changer! My shoulder has felt stronger and more stable than ever before. I would highly recommend T-Zero Physio to anyone in need of physical therapy services! "


"I highly recommended T-Zero Physio. The team that work and operate it are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I personally use Kari there and would highly recommend her too. So far Kari has proven herself to be an excellent physio and has completely transformed my life again. Previously before finding T-Zero I had to give up a lot of my sporting activities as they were causing too much discomfort. Kari has resolved a lot of my discomfort to the point I have started to return to various sports now including running. Thank you Kari and keep up the great work!!! "


"I recently reached out to T-Zero for help with my achilles heel. I had strained it backpacking, injured it more by running on it too soon, and was approaching a 5 day/40 mile trek in Peru that I was starting to panic about. Kari was amazing to work with! She obviously helped a ton during my PT visits, but she also sent me home with exercises, stretches, and tips for the present and the future. And she eased my mind, as I was worried I couldn’t do anything on it, and that just wasn’t true. I was almost back to normal by the time my Peru trek arrived! I kept her tips and advice in mind during the hike, and everything felt fine! I was even the first of a group of seventeen to the top of a 15k foot mountain pass! Thanks to Kari and the T-Zero team for getting me back to normal! "


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Although our office is located in Westminster, CO, we've had the privilege of working with clients from all around the world through video consult. No matter where you are, we'd be happy to help you reach your goals!


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